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Digital Freeview TV Services


Vicky Cranthorne, Office Manager at iConn Property Management, Canterbury writes:

When reading the paper this week I noticed an advertisement to remind residents in our area to re-tune their TVs as changes are being made to the transmitter on the 27th June 2012.

Thought this information may be useful to some of you too:

Full details are on the website:


New Student Tenants for 2012 (Canterbury)


Sam MacDonald, Lettings Negotiator for iConn Property Management writes:

Those taking houses with us for next year please read these 3 points to make sure there is nothing that you have missed that could lead to problems with your tenancy:

  1.  All monies and paperwork should be completed now. This means your rental payment for summer half rent or full rent if occupying and your administration fee should be paid. Your standing order form should be completed, your guarantor agreement received, your tenancy agreement signed and photo ID been copied on file. Those who are abroad or away from Canterbury can sign their tenancy agreement and produce ID when they collect keys as long as all other obligations have been met.
  2. If you require storage for July or August you should have registered in writing to the office. If you haven’t we can not guarantee access. Renewal tenants staying on at the same property do not need to complete this.
  3. If you are paying full rent from July then you should have confirmed what date you will be collecting the keys for occupation. Renewal tenants staying on at the same property do not need to complete this.

If you and your housemates have done all of the above then your tenancy is secure and you need not worry.

If you or people in your group have not – you will be receiving notification shortly that you tenancy is unsecure. If this is you – please act now.

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Student Tenants 2011-2012 – END OF TENANCY – 3 steps to avoid delays on your deposit returns


Sam Douglas, Accounts Co-Ordinator for iConn Property Management writes:

For student tenants who are finishing their current contracts:

1. All keys must be returned to the office by 30th June 2012. You must provide a forwarding address, a valid email address and a contact number in order for your deposit to be released. Any keys not returned by this date will incur a daily rental charge up until the 6th July 2012 when the locks will be changed and the cost applied to the deposit.

2. Your check out report will be emailed to your nominated email by the latest Tuesday 24th July 2012. You must have access to reply as we can not proceed with the refund until we have received written confirmation from you in the form of a response to our email.

3. Please ensure you have complied with the Before you leave instructions sent over on the 8th May. These instructions can be found on the website:

Contrary to popular belief we really would like for you to have NO deposit dilapidations; the company does not benefit at all from any deposit monies deducted and actually all it does is create a lot of work for us. Please try your best to ensure the houses are returned in an acceptable order. Please refer to your inventories and photos provided on check in.

Unless you live alone or have your own tenancy agreement – you are on a joint and several contract – this means you are all as liable as each other to ensure the property is returned in an acceptable order.

Warning: Please speak and arrange things between you as a group as once the check out is complete you can not change anything. We can not be involved with the debates between tenants of who did what and who did not!. The deposit will be treated as a whole amount not individually so please work as a group.

Renewing Tenants staying on in same house:

1. Unless you have paid full rent to occupy July & August you must return your key.

2. You do not need to provide deposit return details as your deposit is held over to your next tenancy

3. You do not need to prepare the house for check out so the departure advice is not related to you.

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