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Why you should choose an ARLA Regulated Agent


Vicky Cranthorne M.A.R.L.A, Office Manager for iConn Property Management writes:

An Agent regulated by ARLA ensures a Landlord or tenant that they are choosing an agent that has to follow strict guidelines and work within stringent industry standards. An ARLA agent has to offer professionalism and commitment to all its clients and customers at all times.

ARLA members are required to work within a robust Code of Practice, which entails covering the key stages in all letting and property management. There are comprehensive membership Byelaws which include compliance with handling and accounting for Clients’ money; the mandatory ARLA Client Money Protection Bonding Scheme; Professional Indemnity Insurance; Dealing with Complaints and Disciplinary Procedures.

ARLA members are kept up to date with all new and changing legislation and require all offices to have at least one member of staff fully trained to ARLA standard.


Advice for Tenants When Completing Viewings


 Sam Macdonald, Lettings Negotiator for iConn Property Management writes:

As the student market has begun again, those who are looking to move or are venturing off campus for the first time may find this advise useful:

LOCATION Research the local area thoroughly. Consider local public transport, good local amenities, good schools and Universities, easy access to motorways, good doctors, dentist, bars and restaurants buy fioricet cod and most importantly good neighbours.  

CONDITION OF THE PROPERTY When viewing take a check list with you and make sure you know what you are looking for and what requirements are. Look for a property that has been well maintained. Check the windows, decoration, condition of white goods, heating system and types of shower. Don’t forget to check the outside and the condition of the guttering and garden.           

RENT LEVEL Make sure that you research the local rent levels for the type of property you are looking for. There are many ways to make comparables with other properties. Try looking at main property portals like Right Move or Property Live to compare other properties currently on the market and the level of rent they are being advertised for. 

LETTING AGENT If you decide to rent through an agent rather than a private Landlord, make sure the Agent is a member of ARLA, has a good reputation, charges fair administration fees and has the facility to protect your deposit.


Have Yourself a Very Green Christmas!! :)


Vicky Cranthorne M.A.R.L.A, Office Manager for iConn Property Management writes:

The local council have released some useful information for recycling over the Christmas period so that we all have a green Christmas……








Green Christmas

This year, like every other, we want to make sure that you not only have a great Christmas, but get rid of your Christmas waste on the appropriate day in the appropriate way. So please take note of the following points:

Check your calendar for your collection dates – some of them may have changed 

In bad weather conditions put your waste out on your usual day and leave it.  We will collect it soon as we can.

Garden Waste won’t be collected between 23 December 2011 and 09 January 2012 

Don’t forget we will collect your real Christmas tree for free – if you leave it out for collection on recycling day.  Place it next to your clear sacks not in the garden waste bin.

Old trees can be taken to the Household Waste Recycling Centres and placed in the green garden waste containers for composting. Your local council may also be able to take your real Christmas tree for composting if they provide a kerbside green garden waste collection service.

Alternatively, why not buy a Christmas tree in a pot or with a root that can be planted in the garden for use the following year! Some companies now also hire real Christmas trees which are re-planted after Christmas!

Recycle your Christmas cards and non foil wrapping paper in the clear recycling sack, or look out for one of the high street charity schemes.

Flatten and secure your cardboard boxes for collection.  These can be put out for collection next to your recycling sacks.

To clear space give unwanted clothes and toys to charity shops and clothing banks.

Recycle your glass bottles at the bottle banks and the Household Waste Recycling Centres

Think about what you buy and who you are buying for. We all like to put on the best Christmas Day spread for family and friends, but afterwards, without a bit of pre plannng, we can still be eating the brussel sprouts four days later!!

Make use of any left over food, visit for recipes and ideas.

Although our contractor can sort most plastics, many of them have a negative value and black plastic cannot be sorted at all, so please only give us your clear or opaque plastic bottles over the christmas period.

Remember you can take your unwanted plastic bags back to a major supermarket for recycling, they all now provide in-store banks.

If you are not sure about collections over the Christmas period, then please call Serco on 0800 031 9091.

Here’s hoping  you have a very happy Christmas.

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Advice on Condensation Problems


Sam Douglas, Accounts Co-ordinator for iConn Property Management writes:

Double glazing and improved insulation means we have warmer houses, but unless a property is adequately ventilated, it can become damp. We ask all tenants to ensure that our properties are sufficiently ventilated by taking a few simple precautions stated below in order to avoid condensation and the build-up of damp.

BEDROOMS Open bedroom windows when you go to bed at night; a 10mm gap will do. If it really is too cold to do this, wipe the condensation off the windows first thing in the morning, but please do not put the cloth you used on the radiator to dry as this will create more condensation.

SHOWER/BATHROOM Ensure full use of extractor or ventilation fans. Where these are not provided, open a window after bathing or showering to give the steam and damp air a chance to escape. Wipe windows, walls and mirrors to remove condensation (a microfiber cloth is the most efficient means of doing this), and dry the shower tray or bath. Keep the door closed while the bathroom is in use to prevent the steam escaping to other parts of the house.

KITCHEN When cooking, cover pans. Use exactor or ventilation fans where provided. If you do not have an automatic kettle, take care to ensure it is not left boiling. These precautions will help to reduce steam and therefore moisture in the air. Keep the door closed while the kitchen is in use to prevent the steam escaping to other parts of the house.

LIVING AREAS Where there are chimneys, do not block them up. If a wall appears to be damp, do not put furniture right up against it; allow some circulation of air.  

GENERAL Make sure that any ventilation bricks or openings in the building are not obstructed.

WINDOWS Keep glass as clear of condensation as you can. Wipe away any moisture that has formed using a soft cloth. Leave open any ”trickle” vents in double glazed units. Get into the habit of opening windows to keep moisture content in the air down and to air the property when you can.

LAUNDRY Avoid drying clothes on radiators. Tumble dryers should be vented to the outside, unless fitted with a condenser.

HEATING Provide a reasonable level of heating (no less than 10°C in an unused area, or 16C if in use); cold rooms are susceptible to condensation. Remember, the best way to heat a room and avoid condensation is to maintain a low level of warmth throughout the day rather than to turn the heating off while you are out and put it on at a high level when you return home.

PORTABLE HEATERS Portable gas and paraffin heaters can create a significant amount of damp and condensation within properties. Please do not use these types of heaters unless you have permission from your landlord or property manager.

REMEDIES Mildew may be removed from clothes by using a dry cleaning process. Remove and kill mould by wiping the affected area(s) with a fungicide which carries a Health and Safety Executive approval number, precisely following the manufactures instructions. Alternatively a mild bleach solution will have the desired effect, but do test on a small area first. Do not disturb mould by vacuuming or brushing as this can give rise to respiratory complaints.

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Christmas Emergency Contact Information for iConn Property Management, Canterbury


Happy Christmas from all at iConn Property Management, Canterbury!! :)






STUDENT LETTINGS LIST FOR 2012-2013 RELEASED by iConn Property Management


And so it begins….. We have released our available properties for next years academic term. For your ideal student property in Canterbury Don’t Delay and Take a Look Today!!!


Viewings are available and demand is expected to be high this year, so don’t miss out on the ideal property in the best location and book today!!

Full details and more photos are available on our website:

You will also find all the student terms and documents on this page:

Good Luck! :)

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