Sam Douglas, Accounts Co-Ordinator for iConn Property Management writes:

With all the promotion recently, most people are aware in some way or another about the Digital Switchover; the plan is that all Analogue transmitters will be switched off and Analogue Aerials will be phased out and replaced with the new digital transmission.

The switchover date for South and East Kent has recently been announced as 13th June 2012 – when the BBC 2 Analogue will be switched off followed by all analogue channels being turned off completely on the 27th June 2012.

As a Landlord you will be responsible for the television aerial on the roof of your property being upgraded from analogue to digital, if you have not already done so.

We would strongly suggest that you complete this upgrade sooner rather than later as I am sure that the closer to the digital switchover we get, the more expensive the upgrade will be!

On average costings are coming in anything from £65.00 to £200.00 depending on upgrade works required.

I have spoken with Alexandra Aerials and CHP Electrical and Maintenance and both companies pricing are about the same. They have both said that if only the aerial needs replacing its £50.00 for the aerial plus labour (normally an hours work) but if the wiring also needs to be updated too, then you will be looking at between £150.00 – £200.00. They would then replace the aerial and all cable and then rewire this into the property.

Please contact me on 01227 765008 if you would like me to arrange this upgrade for your property or alternatively to set up a payment plan for the next few months to cover this expense next year.

You may wish to source your own quotes or complete the work yourself so please let me know if you need access to your properties at any point.