Vicky Cranthorne M.A.R.L.A, Office Manager for iConn Property Management writes:

There is a major change to the gas safety certificate requirements which will be coming into effect from 31st December 2012 which some landlords will need to be aware of.

If the boiler in your property is situated on an outside wall and you can see the flue then you will not be effected BUT if your boiler flue is concealed and runs behind walls or ceilings before reaching an outside wall then this change will effect you.

Gas Safe Engineers need to be able to inspect the flue all the way along to ensure that there is no carbon monoxide (CO) danger and in order to be able to complete a gas safety certification. If they can not see the whole flue they will need to install inspection hatches.

 Landlords will need to prepare for this added required expense and so we will be writing to our current clients whose properties will be effected to offer a payment plan and advice on contacting development managing agents if the proprety is in an apartment block.

The legislation comes into effect on the 31st December 2012 which will means that any certifications due after the 31st December 2011 will need to be brought up to the new requirements so that they are not invalidated when the changes are enforced.

This websites confirms the changes in more detail:

and further information can be found on the HSE website :