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LANDLORDS! Be aware of your legal obligations.


Vicky Cranthorne M.A.R.L.A, Office Manager for iConn Property Management writes:

This incident stresses the importance of landlord’s responsibilities to their tenants. Landlords sometimes feel that they are saving costs by not using a professionally qualified agent; however they are there to advise landlords and prevent being liable for this kind of thing.

Landlords!! Ensure that a CP12 Landlords Gas Safety Certificate is carried out by a qualified GasSafe engineer. This should be in place before your tenant moves in and checked on an annual basis.

We also advise that an electrical safety certificate is carried out by a qualified electrician; this should include an annual test of all portable appliances.

We would advise all tenants to only consider renting a property that is marketed through a regulated agent.

iConn Property Management are happy to advise any landlords or tenants on their legal obligations, duties and responsibilities. 


Student Accomodation Fayres – Canterbury


Sam Macdonald, Lettings Negotiator for iConn Property Management writes:

Some dates for your diaries:

Canterbury College are holding their accomodation fayre on Wednesday 19 January 2011, in Augustine House, from 13.00 to 17.00.

University of Kent are holding their accomodation fayre on Wednesday 27 January 2011 in the Darwin Conference Suite, 11am- 3pm.

The fayres are a great way to get all the advice you need on finding your property for the next academic year and to see a wide selection of houses available.

Hope to see you there! 


Students! Don’t panic, do hurry.


Vicky Cranthorne M.A.R.L.A, Office Manager for iConn Property Management writes:


Welcome back from your Christmas break! We hope you are refreshed and ready for the new year.

At this point, finding a new house for the next academic year may not be high on your list of priorities, but you really can’t afford to hang around! Last year students had to defer due to a lack of available student houses. Before your Christmas break, we had been marketing our student properties for two weeks, and 16 of them have already gone! You can view our current student property list here



The benefit of Property Inspections to landlords.


Iris O’Connell M.A.R.L.A, Managing Director for iConn Property Management writes:

Two reasons why Landlords benefit From Property Inspections:

 It highlights any maintenance issues:

Being on top of your property maintenance saves you money in the long run.

The small things really do make a difference! A dripping radiator being fixed early will save from water damage which could cost hundreds of pounds repairing. Advising your tenant to keep the guttering and drains clear also reduces the risk of water leaks in the future.

 It reduces tenancy breaches:

Tenants that are subletting or misusing the property can be a very expensive problem, court costs or refurbishments are not cheap!

By visiting the property you can check that your valued investment is being cared for correctly.


Property inspections demonstrate to the tenants that you are a responsible and serious landlord. The tenants will be more likely to report faults and adhere to their tenancy agreement.

 iConn Property Management completes inspections of our managed properties every 3 months for professionals and every 2 months on student properties.

 We can also supply one off inspection visits for any landlord.   

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