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For tenants – A renters guide


Sam Macdonald, Lettings Negotiator for iConn Property Management writes:

Primelocation offer a great guide on their website which provides some good tips for tenants when viewing houses to rent – check it out:

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A Fish Called Goggles


A fish called Goggles… 

Once upon a time there was a nameless fish who swam around a small glass bowl dreaming of a better existence…

 He dreamed of moving to a high spec fish tank with all the mod cons where he could show off his swimming skills including the backwards vertical shimmy which was his speciality.

 His owners also dreamed of moving home and when they did….they forgot to take the nameless fish with them. :(

 This made the fish very very sad. He sank to the bottom of his glass bowl but never gave up hope that his dreams may be fulfilled.

 When a member of iConn Property Management came to his empty house and discovered this nameless unhappy fish….his life was transformed!


  iConn brought the fish into their office and their hearts!

 After lots of “ahhhhh”s and “oooooo”s the staff at iConn made it their mission to restore happiness into this little fishy’s life.

 They gave him a name Goggles  and life began to get better.  Goggles was cleaned and fed and fussed over and cared for until his owners reclaimed him…

 But they never did… :(

 iConn then decided to do what they do best and hunted for a new home for Goggles, they worked hard to meet all of his requirements as they wanted the best for their new team member and finally the day arrived for The big Move….

 Goggles packed up his things….put a sign in his old home and made the leap into fresh waters…

 His new home was huge! With a red coral reef to hide in and brush off his old scales. He had a colourful reef house which he could swim through and brightly coloured red and black stone floor, the ultimate in luxury. He gorged himself on dinners of frozen thread worms and specially designed fish capsules.

 His dreams had come true…He repaid the team at iConn by showing off his swimming skills and always coming to greet them when they go to his tank.

 He performs regularly for children and provides a great distraction so that parents can do what they need to in the office.

 He really is a valued member of the iConn team.

 And so that concludes the story of a fish called Goggles….who lived happily ever after….

Thanks to iConn Property Management! :)

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Christmas Wishes from iConn :)




iConn would like to wish you a very Happy Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

 The team has grown this year and to add variety to our Christmas Message the Men of the office challenged the Ladies to a “Dance off” Elf Style.

 The two finished articles are attached and I’m sure you’ll agree the Ladies pip the Gentlemen to the post with their more classical Christmas message!

 As usual iConn Property Management will be making a donation to Cancer Research.

 We hope you enjoy our cards!

 Best Wishes

 Iris O’Connell, Vicky Cranthorne, Sam Douglas, Sam Macdonald,

Paul Lang, Nathan Tough and John O’Connell

The Ladies


 The Gentlemen

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